The Divine Path to Overcoming Cravings

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The Divine Path to Overcoming Cravings.jpg

The Divine Path to Overcoming Cravings


The only course that teaches you time-tested strategies for creating freedom around eating, and shows you how to eat only what and when you want. So that your diet and lifestyle fit your dreams, not some American stereotype.

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Are you eating too much late at night? Snacking when you’re already full?Binging on foods that make you feel awful?

Do you keep eating after you're full, or to blink and notice that half your meal has disappeared? I know what it's like to paw through the kitchen cabinets, looking for that one bite of something that will satisfy your craving. Do you catch yourself mindlessly munching on snacks, or using a cookie to get through a boring afternoon at work?

And then there's the rush of guilt, shame and harsh criticism that comes after eating something you know you "shouldn't have." You're kicking yourself for being so weak, or not paying attention. You beat yourself up because you don't have enough self-discipline, self-control, or willpower. This round of self-judgement only leaves you feeling weaker, more pathetic, and more in need of a cookie. 

My dear friends, it does not have to be this way.


“As I sit alone in my house, cherishing the open space and time that I have instead of trying to cover up emotions and feelings, I think of the journey that Lily has helped me through. Through exercises, projects, and just a listening ear, Lily helped me cure myself of self-inflicted (dis)ease so I can feel radiant and unapologetically proud of who I am and what I have to offer the world.”

— Mia

“I now have ways to describe the “hunger” that I’m feeling. I’ll surprise myself sometimes and not be hungry when I’m really working on something I love and feeling really supported in it. I LOVE the hungry sensation when it comes during those times, knowing I need to fuel and nourish my body and that is all, that’s all the food is, fuel and nourishment, nothing else attached to it. Conversely, I can now clearly identify the other type of “hunger” that is my craving for being loved, being appreciated, for being with others. You are amazing!”

— Lisa

“I now have a lot more love and patience for myself. Instead of feeling like a failure if I slip up with my eating habits, I accept my feelings of panic or disappointment, and am better able to understand why I have them, and I don’t dwell on them! I never thought I’d be like that! I’ve learned to be able to share my story with other loved ones, no longer feel ashamed at my experience (a huge thing for me) and am on the road to recovery. I can’t say enough good things about her patience, insight, and kindness”

— B.M.

“My relationship with food has completely changed - I no longer eat out of emotion or overeat. I’ve made connections between what I eat and how I feel, and I’m making better choices because of it. I feel proud of myself and the life that I am creating with my husband. I feel fulfilled. We’re still working together! I am confident that I will continue to live my best life.”

— K.H.