As you may know, my dear friend broke his neck last June. I moved to Colorado in August to help him out. It was a very scary couple of months. He is alive and all of his parts work, but there were definitely moments when we were both frustrated and heartbroken that such an active man needed help getting around.

Now that he is back on his bicycle, all of that is easy to forget. The only visible signs of our journey together are two small scars on his handsome forehead, and a little stiffness when he looks to the right. The real changes are inside of us. He has gained new awareness and patience with his body. I have learned how to care for someone like they need to be cared for, and how lucky I am that all of my parts work.

It often takes a catastrophe to remind us how wonderful our lives are. I have learned that the way help, and sometimes even the way to heal, is to be sweet. Be loving with your body, and with others.