I need to tell you guys something. The internet is a crazy place! And the craziest thing is that it isn’t a place, it’s an infinite number of non-places. It’s like a house that is all hallways, leading into more hallways. You and I, all the other folks on Tumblr, all the other folks on every other social media site, or any other website for that matter, we’re all just wandering around in these hallways together. 

Some of us have hallways that we peer down everyday; I look in on Facebook and Tumblr almost everyday, and Twitter and Pinterest a couple times a week. That’s where I run into you guys! And it’s cool, it’s like you overhear something I’m saying, and then when you share it, you pass it on to over people, and they get to hear what I’m saying, and everyone is learning and sharing all the time.

I am so appreciative of the positive response that I have gotten here on Tumblr. I want to say thank you! So, I am offering you, my beloved co-residents of the Tumbler Hallway, a free initial consolation with me. We will talk about how your whole life is feeding you now, and how you would like to improve it. We will pick a couple key changes that would have the most benefit for you, and figure out what your Ideal Nourishment is. 

Please, please, please, take advantage of this offer, by emailing me at lily@idealnourishment.com to schedule an appointment.  Mention Tumblr in your email. No matter where you are in the world, we are connected by this crazy thing (the internet) and we can meet over the phone or on Skype.

Feel free to share this offer, but get in touch soon; the days are only so long.