Last time, I wrote about how I go a little bit nuts when Noah leaves town. I’ve actually gotten a lot better at making the most of my alone time. I’ve been focusing on the activities that make me feel really good on the inside. I try to learn new things, find nice treats for myself, and to increase general levels of happy and calm. This is what Saturday night looks like for Lily:

I finished a new painting! I’ve hung up my laundry to dry on the line, I’ve watered the garden, planted some new seeds and I’m puttering around the kitchen, fixin’ this soup. I’m getting to the part where you bring it to a boil, turn it down to a simmer, and go read your book for a while. I’ve got 20 minutes to chill, so I’m flipping through photos of cute hair styles, and feeling like a total princess. 

Suddenly, I hear the bone-chilling noise of fat raindrops hitting the sidewalk out side my house. These are my thoughts; occurring simultaneously:

"My laundry! I’ve got to grab it off the line before it gets soaked!"


"The Swiss Chard! It has to go into the soup pot in fifteen minutes! If I don’t grab it now, I’m going to get soaked when I go grab it!”

I chose the Chard. When it comes down to it, I will almost always choose serious amounts of delicious over serious amounts of style. My laundry dried out in the sun this morning, and smells like super fresh August in Colorado. And the soup was fantastic. Make it!

People are always asking me “But how do you live without cheese?!?” And beer, and sour cream, and all of the other yummy foods that I gave up when I gave up gluten and dairy. Truth: the longer I go without these foods, the less I want them. I also don’t mind being the weirdo in social situations because I know how much better I feel when I drink whiskey instead of beer, and eat my burrito with the tortilla and cheese. 

Choices that seem tough now will get easier. And if you mess up, and eat something you shouldn’t, it’s a learning experience. You’ll choose the chard next time.

(P.S. I am a Wellness Counselor in Boulder, Colorado. I teach women how to think and eat healthier for optimal physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn more at and read more blog entries here.)